A6 d 0 BatmanTheAnimatedSeriesVol4

Volume 4 of Batman : The Animated Series DVD has all the TNBA episodes.

The New Batman Adventures (often shortened as TNBA) is the successor to Batman : The Animated Series produced by Warner Bros. Animation. Although bearing different character designs and animation styles, both shows take place in the same continuity, with TNBA set two years after BTAS. The series aired on The WB from September 13, 1997 to January 16, 1999. According to the book Batman Animated, series writer Paul Dini originally wanted the new show to be titled Batman: Gotham Knights, but this idea was rejected by the other producers. To better adhere with the prior DVD sets of the original series, the DVD release of this series was titled Batman: The Animated Series - Volume 4 (from The New Batman Adventures) and was given the opening titles from the prior series.

Stories in this series tend to give more focus to Batman's supporting cast, which include fellow crimefighters Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl, among others. The show also features guest stars such as Supergirl, Etrigan, and The Creeper; characters who would later appear with Batman in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. In addition, the series takes place around the same time as Superman: The Animated Series. The 2001 video game Batman Vengeance and its follow-up Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu are based on this series.