Batmobile (TNBA) 01

Batmobile in The New Batman Adventures

The Batmobile is Batman's main use for transportation in the Batman Animated Universe.


The Batmobile is Batman's primary mode of transportation. It was completely modified and armed with advanced technology, most from Wayne Tech prototypes. The first appeared to based off the MRW Sports Car, a blue two-door sedan modified with gadgets, scalloped vertical tailfins, and a bat-shaped ornament protecting the front grill. Over the early years, it began to wear out. While investigating Global Motors, Batman saved the life of Earl Cooper. After being outed as a whistle blower, Cooper was approached by Batman to build him a new Batmobile. He incorporated a design that appeared at the World's Fair over a decade ago. The second Batmobile came built with unusual materials: 12 gauge piston pins, titanium steel wheel wells, security device, an onboard computer that routes all controls through a main switch, tri-nitro propulsion units, ablative skin cowling, dual accelerators, and fuel injected turbo boosters. The wheels are gel-filled Kevlar-reinforced, puncture proof, flame resistant, and are equipped for all-weather terrain.

During high-speed chases, the Batmobile is armed in the rear and front. In Batman's tenth year, the Batmobile is

Batman using the Batmobile to chase criminals.

known to be armed and equipped with autopilot, television, a remote link to the Batcomputer, spare disguises, voice command, flame thrower, rocket launcher, lubricant slicks released by a green switch, smoke-screens, tire-piercing caltrops, anti-toxins hidden in the driver-side visor, police emergency band, automated binocular, ejector seats, automatic tire replacement, a secret phone line to Commissioner Gordon, and grapnel. War-torn, the Batmobile was occassionally submitted to Earl Cooper in a secret location three miles outside of Gotham City for repair and tune ups. It has also been destroyed and rebuilt several times, including one instance when the Penguin sabotaged the onboard computer. Once the Penguin was defeated, Cooper took the opportunity to not only rebuild but upgrade. Sometime after 1997, the Batmobile changed in appearance again to a third generation vehicle.

Aside from his partners, Batman has also had a variety of passengers in the Batmobile. From allies to enemies to civilians, one rule is constant; Batman drives. Superman, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Detective Bullock, and an unconscious Joker were some of the more notable ones. 50 years later, parts of the second generation Batmobile appears to have been converted into Bruce Wayne's limousine and the third generation lays idly on display in the Batcave, even 15 years later. The latest Batmobile in use by the second Batman is a high speed hovercraft.