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You can't add pages of Teen Titans or Young Justice because Batman does not appear in TT and he has a small role in YJ.

There are a few rules on this wiki please respect these rules while on this wiki if not you will get one warning then if you violate a rule again you will be blocked from this wiki for a certain amount of time.

  1. Respect other users everywhere! Make them feel they're welcome.
  2. On chat do not spam, harrass another user, say harsh swear words (mild terms like damn, ass, crap, etc. are exceptable), or do anything sex related. If you perform any of these behaviors you will automatically be kickbanned by a chat moderator.
  3. On this wiki everyone's bio picture must be their design from The New Batman Adventures. If they are a character that only appeared in Batman : The Animated Series or any character that appeared in only one show then they would have their design from that show. But characters like Terry McGinnis who appeared in Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited could have a picture from any of those shows because he has the SAME design in all the shows he's in.
  4. Don't delete any page if you feel it needs to be deleted ask the creator or a admin why. If they disagree then don't delete the page if they agree then delete it.
  5. And just be respectful and don't do anything you think would violate a rule. Understood? If so start editing.

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