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Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's trusted butler. He is voiced by Clive Revill in the first four episodes of Batman : The Animated Series, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. in the rest of the episodes of Batman : The Animated Series andThe New Batman Adventures. And is also voiced by Alastair Duncan in The Batman.


Butler to the Wayne family, Alfred Pennyworth has known Bruce Wayne most of his life. After the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Alfred became a second father to Bruce and is one of the few who are privy to the secrets contained beneath Wayne Manor. In addition to his duties as Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred tends to much of the high tech gadgetry in the Batcave, and is an expert mechanic. Once an agent for the British Secret Service before joining the Wayne household, Alfred is the voice of reason for the often emotional Batman and Robin. Although he openly voices his opinion about his employer's nocturnal activities, he also believes that their cause is a just one.

Alfred maintains Bruce's daily routine with the utmost attention to detail. His humor is also helpful to Batman who admittedly can be too serious. Jokes not withstanding, Alfred is firmly committed to Batman and his mission. Always vigilant at Wayne Manor while Batman patrols the Gotham night, Alfred minds the phones and gates, covering Bruce Wayne's tracks. Alfred also had a brief relationship with Maggie Page, a retired socialite. Alfred is also a father figure for Dick Grayson when Wayne is not available. Dick looks upon Alfred with great respect, love, understanding and admiration for his loyalty.


  • Alfred did not appear in Batman Beyond possibly because he passed away due to him being elderly in BTAS and TNBA and Bruce being elderly in Batman Beyond. It did not directly state that he passed away or how he passed away because it is just a theory.
  • The only animated style Alfred action figure released was in a set with Clayface, Batman, and Robin from The New Batman Adventures even though the Alfred figure was his BTAS design and he had black hair from when he was young in Batman : Mask of The Phantasm